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Day Night Furniture present this double desk is handsome workspace solution designed for double duty. With a contrasting two-tone color palette, it complements a wide variety of decor themes. The walnut wood grain finish of the tabletop is smooth to the touch and sits atop the slightly flared rubber wood legs in a light wood finish. Because of the size and shape of this workstation, you or your employees will appreciate plenty of legroom and space to add storage pieces. A fabric covered divider screen is also included and can be secured to the desktop to provide privacy and aid in maintaining focus on your task at hand. Tuck cables and cords away with the built-in aluminum soft-closing cable organizer conveniently located for each person sharing this functional and handsome piece. Day Night Present this double desk cabinet is perfectly crafted to coordinate with the double desk and provides storage options for two people, all-in-one. This clever piece offers three drawers on each end and two shelves centered within the cabinet, easily accessed by either workmate. It shares the same two-tone wood finish design as the rest of the collection, making it easy to incorporate into your office design.
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